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We performed period music for an event at the Warren, PA Historical Society, celebrating the day the charter was given to William Penn for Pennsylvania. Two local authors also held book signings, that day.

We had to dress a little fancier than normal for the Erie Historical Society event, where Abe Lincoln came to town. He looked pretty good for a dead guy! The building is beautiful and we were happy to play there once again. This took place February 11, 2006.

For this special 2005 event we played at a fund-raiser for the Gettysburg Battlefield. The guest speaker had written 16 or more books on Abe Lincoln and was considered the world's expert on him. We learned a dozen or so Civil War tunes to mix with our regular songs and found these new tunes to be somewhat similar in nature to Celtic music. Beth is wearing a Civil War style dress first sewn in 1961 by Jim's Aunt Jo and two of her friends, based on their memories of old dresses, and made for the Corry Centennial Celebration. We have played a few more Civil War renactments since.

Another shot of us at the Gettysburg event.

We were able to use the Civil War tunes and dress again, just a few weeks later, as we played for an after-party for Ken Burns, who spoke in Erie. Burns is the great PBS documentary filmmaker, and his documentary on the Civil War holds the record for the most watched TV show. We received a letter from him the following week in which he said how much he enjoyed our music.

This is a shot taken in the beautiful Watson-Curtze Mansion museum, in Erie. We have played here several times - for two Irish Immigration events, a Civil War event (which was a fund-raiser for Gettysburg), for a Christmas Extravaganza, and (in this shot) for a party for the staff and volunteers.

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